Sustainable practices

Zero fabric waste goals

To reduce fabric waste, I make accessories such as belts, hair pieces and bows from scraps. At this point in production I have very little fabric waste. My long term goals is to continue my work and to also make patterns that are completely zero waste.

Organic natural fabrics
I work with organic eco-friendly fabrics. I have an fabric distributor in Europe that sells high quality organic fabrics in solids and prints. I only work with natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, rayon and tencel. My first collection was made with 100% compostable and biodegradable tencel fabrics.

Limited quantity and made to order
I don’t want to make clothes with a shelf life, therefore I very rarely have clothes in stock. I have small windows of pre-orders that I close while working with the production, 6 – 8 weeks of time. Because of the pre-orders, I don’t have to order more fabrics than I need, making fabric waste less. I also don’t need to push sales to my customers to clear my inventory. If I have any fabrics left after my production, I sell them in my shop under the category “Fabrics”.

Garment care and mending

I’m an advocate for garment care. Some of my garments tips are mentioned here. If you need fabric to mend one of my previous garments, send me an e-mail and I might be able to send you some fabric.

Higher quality of fabric

I’m passionate about fabrics and choose qualities that reminds me of vintage fabrics that were made to last for a long time. I have a soft spot for a rayon crêpe with a beautiful drape. I love organic cottons that feels soft to your skin. Cottons that are thicker than most cottons in
ready-to-wear and will last longer through washing and wearing.

Sustainable packaging

My goal going forward is to find good sustainable packaging. At this time I use unbleached recycled paper for wrapping, and looking into getting compostable bags.