Sewing pattern testers

Thank you for your interest in my sewing patterns!

I hope that you will find everything you need on this page, but if you feel that something is missing, please email your question to:

What is a pattern tester?
A pattern tester is someone that tests a sewing pattern and provides feedback to the sewing pattern designer. It's a collaboration where I get to have my patterns and instructions tested with different sewists and you get to work with my new sewing patterns before they are released.

How does it work?
I work in sample size 34 and welcome pattern testers of all sizes within my size range (34-50). My patterns are in English and I use the metric system (centimeters).

When I have completed a pattern and it's ready for pattern testing, I will publish information on the "News" page and in my Facebook Pattern Group. Please apply for becoming a pattern tester by filling out the form linked here.

If you are chosen I will email you to join the pattern testing group. The pattern and instruction will be shared by email. I will send you one or two Google forms to fill out. Any other feedback + final photos will be shared to my email: (send your final photos in high resolution without filters). If they are too large for the email, use Sprend or WeTransfer.

A sewing pattern testing timeline is 2 weeks:
- Week 1 is for testing the pattern with a muslin fabric, also known as making a toile. The toile is important because it will tell you necessary changes needed for the final garment. During this week you may send basic fit photos and feedback to my email. The photos should showcase the garment being worn and point out any issues you may have. The fit photos will not be shared publicly, they are only to help me evaluate the fit. Transfer the changes from the test garment to the sewing pattern.

- Week 2 is for making your second garment in the final fabric, take photos and share your feedback with me through email (construction process, fit of the garment, if you think the difficulty level for the pattern is correct, clarity of instructions etc). I will send you a photo guide for taking your final photos. Send your final photos in high resolution to my email: Please don't use any watermarks or filters on the final photos.

- Don't share your final photos on Instagram before I have released the pattern. I would love to see your progress on the garment, so sharing the journey and tag is appreciated. I will share an official release date by email and I would love if you could share your final photos on this special date. I would also be happy if you would share it in social media with the hashtag #silversagapatterns and
- Do not sign up if you know that you are not likely to participate. If you do not honor our collaboration I will ask you to pay for the sewing pattern.
- My sewing patterns are for personal use only. By copyright law you are not allowed to share or sell my patterns, or sell finished garments made from my sewing patterns.
- Keeping the deadlines are important as I’m working on a schedule with each sewing pattern.

What will the sewing pattern testers receive?
You will receive a copy of the final digital sewing pattern + another free sewing pattern of your choice. Please get in touch with me to claim your free sewing pattern. Please know that the free sewing pattern is under the circumstance that you have honored the pattern testing (form and photos) and deadlines.

What will the sewing pattern test include?
The sewing pattern will be emailed as a layered A4/US letter pdf file for printing at home and A0 copy shop pdf file. A sewing instruction in English with illustrations will be included. I will be available throughout the pattern testing period to answer questions if needed. You are also welcome to join my Facebook sewing pattern group: Silversaga patterns.

Look at the current sewing patterns available for pattern testing here.