Garment care

The best way to care for your clothes and make them last longer, is to hand wash with a gentle detergent and lay out flat to dry. I use a large bath towel and put it on the floor with the garment laid on top.

Before the garment is completely dry, I find that it helps to iron the garment carefully, or hang it to dry outside. To avoid iron shine on viscose and linen, turn the garment inside out for ironing. Linen can stand a larger amount of heat than viscose, so if you're ironing viscose, turn the iron to low heat.

If some wrinkles are persistent, I use a flower bottle spray and spray the wrinkles with water and let my garment hang for a while. Preferably outside in the wind.

I avoid dryers, they will break down the fibers of the fabric and cause the garment to shrink and age ahead of time. Mending is also an important part of taking care of a garment. If you need fabric to mend one of my previous garments, send me an e-mail and I might be able to send you some fabric.