01 – Where no endings end.

It is finally here, my first photo book. I am so happy!
80 pages on a beautiful matte paper. The photographs are taken between 2008-2010.
Where no endings end – 01, is the first in a series of books. The limited edition is 250 copies only, everyone signed and numbered by me.
Take a sneak peek inside the book in this movie.

The book can be bought trough my Etsy-shop or by transferring money to my bank account. Send me an e-mail and I will help you.
Book is 25$ and yes, I do ship international.

(Thanks to everyone reading my blog, making comments, buying my photographs and following me on Facebook.
I would be nothing without you.)

I am home again!

Oh, time flies by when you are having fun. I have had lots of fun the last week, dancing Lindy Hop Beginners Intermediate at Herräng Dance Camp. My days have been filled with 3-4 dans classes (one hour and twenty minutes each) and then dancing all night. I got the famous Herräng Flu with fever on Tuesday, so my energy has been low the last couple of days. And now I feel kind of sad and lonely being home, missing all my new friends, our dance classes, the days at the beach, bicycling in pretty dresses, eating banana bread or hot toast at the Ice Cream Parlor and having crazy night dances.

Hello, this is me the first day!

I lived in the area called the Marina (there are also a place by the school, but this one is quieter). Here are the house with bunk beds…

and my bed, which i turned into a four-poster bed.

My dance passport, indicating my participating at the Lindy Hop Beginners Intermediate.
You see my super happy face?

Our view from the Marina every morning. Very pretty. Sadly i could not bring my camera to our dance classes,
but i did photograph the last big masquerade evening and i promise to share it with you as soon as i have brought my camera back from the camp.
(Yes, i managed to forgot it. I blame the fever).

Dance, dance, dance. I was a dancer all along.

Yesterday I found out I had been moved off the waiting list for Herräng Dance Camp.
That means I am going saturday morning by bus to Herräng, dancing Lindy Hop Beginners Intermediate for a whole week. Yikes! I am scared and excited at the same time.

I have been in a rush yesterday and today, making the costume for fridays costume party themed ”Wonders in wonderland”. You can see my dancing dress above (and the boater hat with blue ribbon).
Would you like me to make movies and photograph my adventures for the following week? See you soon! Love.