I like to believe that garments can be empowering to the person who wears them.
That they can make you feel as beautiful and special as the hand made piece of clothing that you are wearing.
I believe that clothes are an expression of who you are, and if they make you feel powerful there is nothing you can’t do.
I think that we should consume less and invest more, to leave as small environmental footprint as possible.
The clothes we wear plays an important role of how we see ourselves, and our world.

Who is behind the label?
Silversaga is created by Jessica Silversaga. I have been a vintage seller and personal shopper for over a decade.
I am a fashion and portrait photographer by profession.
I have been sewing as long as I can remember and took my sewing and pattern classes at Tillskärarakademin in Stockholm.
I am inspired by the silhouette of the 1900s to early 1940s, a very feminine period in fashion.

What inspires you?
Strong women of past and present.
Statement sleeves.
The love of my life.

How do you source fabrics?
I only work with natural fibers such as linen, cotton, rayon, tencel, silk and wool.
I source materials as local as possible and use OEKO-TEX® certified fabrics, a certification for natural organic fibers.
The prints are especially made for my label, and inspired by the prints and textures of vintage fabrics.

What is your mission?
To inspire and empower other women.
To have a discussion about fast fashion versus slow fashion.
To encourage people to choose quality and support small business owners.
To share my love for vintage designs and to celebrate the beauty of individuality,
Mother Nature and femininity.


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